Retirement Perspectives: Help Us Protect Your Retirement Assets

The safety and security of your plan participant’s information and retirement plan assets is, and always will be, our top priority. We are committed to working 24/7 to protect your participant’s accounts. As fraud attempts rise during these difficult times, we’re here, working alongside participants to protect financial assets.

One of the key features on the participant web portal is the ability for participants to enable two-factor authentication. This optional feature adds an extra layer of security by asking users to enter a unique security code in addition to their password. There are three options to choose from: Google, text or e-mail. Users can also choose to require a security code on all logins or on new devices only.

To enable two-factor authentication, participants can search in their Personal tab on the website using the Account Maintenance module – click on the Security option to implement.

Visit the Participant Service Center for more information!

Preventing fraud is everyone’s responsibility and key measures such as optional two-factor authentication are resources that your WoodTrust team recommends implementing to ensure optimal cybersecurity coverage on your participant’s retirement plan assets. As always, if anyone suspects they’ve been the victim of any form of identity theft or fraud, they should immediately notify their WoodTrust representative, as well as the Plan Sponsor.

Contact your WoodTrust representative if you’d like to discuss ways to help further communicate the two-factor authentication feature on the web to your plan participants.