Business Banking

“What we really love is having our clients out in the community implementing their ideas and their products to benefit their customers and communities. It’s rewarding to be a part of that process.”

“What we really love is having our clients out in the community implementing their ideas and their products to benefit their customers and communities. It’s rewarding to be a part of that process.”

“What we really love is having our clients out in the community implementing their ideas and their products to benefit their customers and communities. It’s rewarding to be a part of that process.”

Business Banking

Thank you for considering WoodTrust Bank for your business banking needs. We take great pride in offering our business clients the products and services they want and need along with the personalized attention they deserve.

For well over a century, WoodTrust has grown on the strength of our people and success of our customers. We are a dynamic team of banking professionals who start with a handshake, develop a deep understanding of your business, and provide a personal approach to help each business navigate their complex financial needs.

It’s a dramatic difference that appears proactively in the way we anticipate requirements, offer solutions, and dedicate a team of professionals to help your business succeed. Our qualified bankers apply their specialized industry knowledge to customize solutions that suit the various needs of each business – and deliver that service as trusted advisors.

We continuously strive to exceed customer expectations.

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  • Business Deposit Accounts
  • Business Loans
  • Internet & Mobile Access

Business Deposit Accounts

  • Deposit Services
  • Remote Deposit

Deposit Services

Every business has a different blend of financial needs and WoodTrust offers an immense selection of deposit accounts with distinct features. Knowledgeable and experienced business bankers can help you select the right checking, savings, money market or investment account to satisfy your unique situation. These solutions offer a variety of automated and online features that can make running your business more efficient and profitable.

Business Checking and Savings Accounts

WoodTrust offers tailored checking, savings, and investment account options to suit the ever-changing needs of your business. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to understand the uniqueness of your business and provide financial solutions to help it grow and prosper for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional low-cost checking account, one that earns interest, or a more complex structure that helps manage your robust cash flow, WoodTrust can construct an account framework with the features you need, while also offering a complete line of savings plans to help your business maximize its excess funds. As an additional benefit, we can consolidate all WoodTrust account information into one easy-to-read statement with check images you can be receive electronically at home or in the office.

Business Checking / Small Business Checking

This core business deposit account may be used to offset all or a portion of your transaction fees with 24/7 access through Business Internet Banking.

Savings, Insured Money Market Accounts, and Certificates of Deposits

Open a Savings Account with as little as $100 and earn daily interest on your balances. Clients can also take advantage of a WoodTrust Insured Money Market Account – a savings account with check-writing privileges. This offers greater flexibility and convenience, with higher rates of interest as the account balance grows.  WoodTrust Certificates of Deposit are available to meet time-specific savings needs and provide a low-risk investment option.

Business Super Now

Business Super Now accounts are designed specifically for sole proprietors, government, and non-profit organizations. The account earns a market rate of interest on the daily collected balance.

Remote Deposit

Through the convenient use of WoodTrust’s Remote Deposit system, any business can securely convert paper checks into electronic files from the convenience of their place of business. This generates a secure acceleration of access to funds and an increase in staff productivity. This solution reduces the risk of loss-in-transit and eliminates the need to visit the bank for day-to-day deposits.

How It Works

Remote Deposit is a safe and simple system that requires access to three main tools; a desktop scanner, a computer, and the Internet. The process is quick and easy. The scanner generates check images from the original paper checks and the computer sends those files directly to WoodTrust’s processing center for forward presentment and payment. This efficient process adds security through the elimination of unnecessary steps to process a deposit.


Prepare and submit deposits directly from any business location and whenever it’s most convenient – during the evening, over a weekend or even on holidays. Depositing checks quickly may qualify deposit items for faster availability.

Cost and Time Efficient

Eliminate courier costs or employee trips to the bank and consolidate multiple banking relationships to save money through reduced fees. The preparation time for a deposit is decreased without the aggravation of missing the processing cut off time.

Minimize Fraud

By depositing checks more rapidly, the collection process is started sooner and creates less time for fraudsters to attack a business.

Automated Workflow

Several automated features include virtual endorsements, deposit tickets, transaction balancing and validation, and the confirming receipt of transaction data.

Business Loans

Whether looking to expand, purchase new equipment, finance working capital, or acquire another company, WoodTrust's experienced lenders can offer unbiased advice and flexible solutions to help businesses meet their needs and maximize cash flow. WoodTrust offers a variety of financing options — including lines of credit, corporate credit cards, term loans, equipment loans, real estate loans, and loans for acquisition and growth — to meet your business needs.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you are looking to purchase a new office, manufacturing building or multi-family property, renovate your existing space, refinance an existing real estate loan, or add to your commercial investment portfolio, a real estate loan from WoodTrust can offer a solution tailored to your objectives.

Revolving Lines of Credit

If you have short term or seasonal cash flow changes, a revolving line of credit from WoodTrust offers working capital to meet your needs and more.  You draw on the line of credit as you need it and only pay interest on what you use. As you pay back the line of credit, more becomes available for future borrowing.

Corporate Credit Cards

WoodTrust offers payment solutions to maximize efficiencies and meet the unique needs of your organization.  Whether purchasing supplies or providing your employees the ability to streamline their business expense, WoodTrust’s card program can be customized to support all of your payment needs.

Equipment Loans

Your business runs on wheels, machinery, state-of-the-art equipment, and get-the-job-done tools.  WoodTrust offers financing options across multiple industries and range in single unit purchases to financing solutions for fleet needs.

Acquisition and Growth Loans

From the first time you set your sights on the future of a new business venture, to hiring the 100th employee or investing in the next generation of leadership, WoodTrust will help make your transition seamless.

Lending to Non-profit Organizations

With WoodTrust, you’ll work with an experienced banker who understands the unique needs of your organization and can offer solutions designed specifically for you. This includes tax-exempt financing and lines of credit to bridge receipt of capital campaign pledge proceeds.

Internet & Mobile Access

Business Internet Banking

Business Internet Banking provides businesses with the convenience, flexibility, and power to access business accounts and make transactions from virtually any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

How It Works

Business Internet Banking provides secure web-based access to bank account infor­mation on a 24/7 basis. Authorized users can view balances, historical and intraday account activity, view and print check images, and initiate internal transfers between owned accounts from their desktop or mobile device. Security is multi-level and end user access to fea­tures and account information is controlled by the company administrator. ACH file origination is available as a NACHA formatted file upload or via templates that assist in the creation of debit or credit files.

Account Balances

Obtain on-the-spot balance reports of all accounts with debit and credit summaries.

Account Detail

Search for specific items such as electronic payments, POS transactions, service charges, direct deposits, ATM transactions or debits and credits.

Account Transfer

Transfer funds between bank accounts and save frequently-used transfer profiles.

ACH Payment

Initiate electronic payments for direct deposit, expense reimbursement, and vendor payments, with or without payment information addenda records.

ACH Collection

Initiate ACH debits to collect receivables more quickly, improving cash flow. ACH direct debit is safe and efficient, and it ensures receivables are collected on the agreed upon due date. A single authorization can be relied upon for a one-time or recurring payment arrangement.

Loan/Line of Credit

Access current detailed information on all loan and credit line balances and activity, with the ability to initiate payment and drawdown transactions.

Multiple User Access

Multi-level 128-bit encryption security and access, with User IDs assigned to each company individual. Access rights and capabilities are assigned by the company.