Personal Banking

“You can go down the street anywhere and find a financial institution that offers products and services similar to ours. The difference is our tailored services and commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients.”

“You can go down the street anywhere and find a financial institution that offers products and services similar to ours. The difference is our tailored services and commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients.”

Personal Banking

WoodTrust is ready to provide the right personal banking solutions for you, whether it involves opening a checking account or identifying the right loan for your needs. Our clients experience a level of service expected from a family business combined with the comprehensive array of solutions offered by a large bank.

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  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Personal Loans
  • Internet & Mobile Services
  • Residential Loans
  • The Mortgage Loan Process

Checking Accounts

When it comes to the daily management of money, a checking account is a valuable tool offering convenience, security, and instant access to funds. At WoodTrust, we offer a variety of checking account products to meet the particular needs of our individual clients. In addition to writing checks, all of our checking accounts can be accessed through the use of a check card, Consumer Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and electronic Bill Pay.

All WoodTrust Checking Accounts Include:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposit (personal accounts)
  • Internet Banking
  • Nationwide ATM Access (NYCE Network)
  • Debit Card – our debit cards utilize the latest chip technology
  • Bill Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Free Automated Fund Transfer & Loan Payments – available through our internet banking
  • eStatements – free electronic and combined statements
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Customer Support – local customer service support center
  • 24-Hour Telephone Banking
  • Super NOW
  • Direct Deposit Checking Unlimited
  • Advantage Checking
  • Econo-Checking

Super NOW

Earn interest based on your daily account balance. The higher the account balance the more interest you will earn.


  • Tiered interest rates
  • Unlimited check writing

Account Details

No monthly maintenance fee if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,000 or an average monthly balance of $2,000. If your balance falls below the minimum, there is a monthly maintenance fee of $5.00 plus $.20 per debit transaction.

Direct Deposit Checking Unlimited

Free Checking with a direct deposit at least once a month.


  • No minimum balance
  • Unlimited check writing
  • First order of checks is free
  • Earn interest with balances $250 or more

Account Details

No monthly maintenance fee. Free debit or ATM Card.

Advantage Checking

Leverage your savings account relationship at WoodTrust or use your daily or average balances to avoid service charges.


  • No monthly maintenance fee*
  • Free to all over 55 years old

Account Details

$5.50 annual debit card fee
$5.00 monthly service fee or $0 with one of the following:

  • Maintain $1,000 in a WoodTrust Savings Account or IRA.
  • Maintain a $400 minimum daily balance
  • Automated loan payments

*If your balance falls below the minimum requirements, a $5.00 monthly maintenance fee will apply, and a debit fee of $.20 will be charged for each debit transaction (check, pre-authorized debit or ATM withdrawal within the NYCE network) in excess of 20 during a statement cycle.


An ideal account if you write less than 10 checks each month.


  • No minimum balance

Account Details

$3.00 monthly maintenance fee

Savings Accounts

From a traditional savings account to goal-based solutions, WoodTrust offers a variety of savings accounts to fit your needs. To help you monitor your savings progress or access your account on-the-go, sign up for Internet Banking or Mobile Banking along with your savings account.

Choose the savings account that works best for you – select from the Regular Savings, Insured Money Market, Johnny Appleseed, and Teen Savings options.

All WoodTrust Savings Accounts Include:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposit (personal accounts)
  • Internet Banking
  • Text Alerts
  • Nationwide ATM Access (NYCE Network)
  • Free Automated Fund Transfer & Loan Payments – available through our internet banking
  • Customer Support – local customer service support center
  • Overdraft Protection
  • 24-Hour Telephone Banking
  • Regular Savings
  • Insured Money Market Account
  • Johnny Appleseed & Teen Savings Programs

Regular Savings

Earn a guaranteed interest rate and access to your funds whenever you need them. 


  • No Minimum Opening Balance
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee*
  • Interest Earned Daily and Paid Quarterly

Account Details

There is no monthly maintenance fee if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $100. If your balance falls below $100, there is a quarterly maintenance fee of $3.00 plus $.20 per service chargeable debit.

Insured Money Market Account

Earn interest and access your money by writing a check or making an in-person withdrawal.


  • Earns Daily Interest – tiered rate structure for larger balances
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee*
  • Earn Daily Interest – paid quarterly

Account Details

There is no monthly maintenance fee if you maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,000 or a $4,000 monthly balance. If your balance falls below $100, there is a quarterly maintenance fee of $3.00 plus $.20 per service chargeable debit.

Johnny Appleseed & Teen Savings Programs

A perfect way for your children and grandchildren to learn good money management skills.


  • No Minimum Balance
  • Earns Daily Interest – paid quarterly.
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • Unlimited Transactions – in person, at an ATM, or by mail.

Account Details

There are no monthly maintenance fee and balance requirements.

Certificates of Deposit


  • FDIC Insured – CDs are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), making your money a low-risk investment.
  • Flexible Terms – Common terms for CDs range from three months to five years.
  • Rate of Return – A CD has a higher interest rate than a traditional savings account, generally meaning the longer term you choose, the higher the interest rate and the better return rate.

Benefits of CD Laddering

An investment strategy with CD laddering can maximize returns while minimizing risk. Investments in a CD ladder provide you with smaller Certificates of Deposit that mature at staggered dates, rather than a single large, long-term CD.

  • Liquidity – You have available cash at frequent intervals.
  • Flexibility – You decide when you want to invest more or less of your money.
  • Higher Interest Rates – Once your ladder is established, you can choose longer-term CDs with higher rates with certificates still maturing frequently.
  • Peace of Mind – If interest rates rise, you’ll have cash to take advantage of the best return. When rates fall, you still have money invested for the long term at higher rates.

Personal Loans

Dreaming of the finer things in life is fun…cars, motorcycles, boats – the list goes on and on – it’s what makes going to work each day easier. Don’t wait for “someday” to reach these dreams – reach them today with a loan from WoodTrust Bank:

  • Vehicle Loans
  • Visa Credit Card

Vehicle Loans

  • Purchase a new or used automobile, boat, camper, motorcycle or other recreational vehicle.
  • Financing terms that will meet your financial objectives
  • Terms from 2 years up to 7 years
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Competitive loan rates
  • Low down payment requirements with up to 95% financing.

Visa Credit Card

Choose from two options:

Classic Credit Card

  • Earn rewards – for every dollar spent one point earned
  • Great low rates – 5.9% above the current prime rate
  • No annual fee with a WoodTrust Bank checking account.
  • Chip technology
  • Balance transfer options
  • $200,000 travel accident insurance

Gold Credit Card

  • Earn rewards – for every dollar spent one point earned
  • Great low rates – 4.9% above the current prime rate
  • No annual fee with a WoodTrust Bank checking account.
  • Chip technology
  • Balance transfer options
  • $500,000 travel accidental insurance

Internet & Mobile Services

WoodTrust’s internet, mobile, text banking, and electronic Bill Pay services allow clients access anytime, anywhere. It’s like having a private online banking office that’s accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether at home, in the office or on the road. Viewing account balances, depositing checks, confirming transactions, transferring funds between online accounts, and much more, are a click away.

Residential Loans

Products & Services

Everyone has different financial goals. We take the time to listen and find the right solution to get you there.

  • Conventional Mortgages
  • Specialized Home Loans
  • Equity Loan Solutions
  • Vacant Land Loans

Conventional Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgage

With an interest rate that remains constant for the duration of the loan, a fixed rate mortgage makes budgeting predictable regardless of market fluctuations.

  • Your principal and interest payment won’t ever change.
  • A variety of loan terms ranging from 10 to 30 years offers great flexibility for your budget and lifestyle.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

An ARM is a mortgage loan with an interest rate tied to a pre-determined economic index such as the United States 1 Year Treasury Rate. The interest rate can change periodically based on fluctuations in the Index. The ARM loan can include an initial-fixed rate period and then adjust after a specified timeframe. This product may be an ideal choice if you have short-term financing needs.

Jumbo Mortgage

These loans are specific to financing higher loan amounts. This product may be an ideal choice if you are purchasing a home or refinancing your current home with a loan amount exceeding $510,400.

Construction Mortgage with Interest-Only Payments

A loan to build your dream home, vacation home, or significantly renovate your existing home.

  • Interest-only payments throughout the construction phase
  • Land purchase can be included in the loan amount

Specialized Home Loans

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Mortgage

A mortgage option with relaxed qualification guidelines and credit requirements. This product may be an ideal choice if you are looking for a mortgage with a small down payment requirement or have a low credit score.

VA (Veterans Affairs) Mortgage

A mortgage option that helps active military, veterans or eligible family members get a mortgage or refinance their home.

  • No down payment required
  • Higher loan to values are accepted
  • No private mortgage insurance
  • No prepayment penalty

Equity Loan Solutions

Home Equity Loan

A Home Equity Loan uses the available equity in your home to fund home improvements, consolidate debt or pay for education.

  • Fixed interest rate with a fixed monthly payment
  • Flexible repayment terms

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Use the equity in your home to establish a line of credit to effectively access funds for unexpected expenses, pay for home improvements or cover other large expenses.

  • Line of credit that can be used over and over again
  • Interest-only payments
  • Competitive, low interest rates

Vacant Land Loans

Vacant Lot Loan for Building a Home

Purchase a vacant lot to secure that piece of paradise for your dream home.

  • Build when you’re ready – buy the land now and build later
  • No acreage restrictions

Recreational Land Loan

A Recreational Land loan allows you to finance your property to use for hunting, fishing, a vacation retreat, and more.


A wide variety of terms are available for your unique situation.

The Mortgage Loan Process

We want you to be comfortable. Whether buying a home, refinancing an existing mortgage, or making improvements, you should know what to expect. Let’s take a look at the process.

Application: Have you found your dream home or are you looking for a pre-approval?  Let’s complete an application online, on the phone, or in person. Visit Mortgage Center.

Supporting information:  We will need some additional items from you to accompany your application; for example, paystubs, bank statements, and tax records.  We will provide you a detailed list once we review your application.

Underwriting: Let’s review your information to see if you qualify.

Appraisal:  We will order an appraisal on your property to verify its value. 

Rate Lock: We’ve received your appraisal and the value of your property is confirmed. Now let’s lock-in your interest rate.

Final Documentation: We’re almost done!  We’ll contact you with a list of any remaining items that are needed prior to closing.

Closing: It’s time to close on your new Loan. Your Mortgage Loan Officer will contact you to schedule a closing.

Disbursing Loan Funds: You’ve made it to the end. We’ll coordinate with you and the Title Company to disburse the proceeds from your new loan.

Home Financing Tips

Credit Score:

What is a credit score and how will it affect my application?

A credit score is one of the pieces of information that we’ll use to evaluate your application. Credit scores are based on information collected by credit bureaus and information reported each month by your creditors about the balances you owe and the timing of your payments. A credit score is a compilation of all this information converted into a number, or “score”. Using credit scores to evaluate your credit history allows us to quickly and effectively evaluate your credit history when reviewing your loan application. There are other factors when making a loan decision, however, we always look at your total financial picture during the approval process.

Will the inquiry of my credit affect my credit score?

An abundance of credit inquiries can sometimes affect your scores since it may indicate that your credit use is increasing. But there is no need to overreact. The data used to calculate your credit score doesn’t include any mortgage or auto loan credit inquiries that are made within the 30 days prior to the score being calculated. In addition, all mortgage inquiries made in any 14-day period are considered one inquiry.

Will I be charged any fees if I authorize my credit information to be accessed?

There is no charge to you for the credit information we’ll access with your permission to evaluate your application online. You will only be charged for a credit report if you decide to complete the application process after your loan is approved.

Income and Debts:

What is a debt-to-income ratio and how does it affect my application?

A debt-to-income ratio, commonly referred to as DTI, is the comparison of your housing expenses and your monthly debt obligations versus how much you earn. Your DTI is used along with your credit score and other financial information in evaluating your application. The DTI is part of your overall financial picture that we analyze when reviewing your application. Your DTI will help identify, based on your income, what percent of your income is available for housing expenses such as your mortgage payment, real estate taxes, and insurance.


What is an Asset and how is it used in connection with my loan application?

Assets are sources of funds that you have available to you. This could include Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, Money Market Accounts, Retirement Accounts, and Brokerage Accounts. Assets are used to verify that you have enough money to cover a down payment and closing costs. It is also a reflection of a borrower’s financial strength. As part of the loan process, we review what a borrower currently holds as Assets, the source of Assets, and how long they have held the Assets to get a sense of how they handle their finances.

Down Payment:

What is a down payment on a home?

The down payment is the cash you pay upfront to get a loan. The down payment is deducted from the home purchase price and represents the beginning equity – your ownership stake – in a house or property.

How much of a down payment do I need?

The down payment is the cash equity you provide to the loan transaction. The down payment on a home has historically been 20% of the loan amount. However, there are conventional loan programs that offer lower down payment options as well as specialized loan programs such as FHA, VA, and WHEDA that offer even lower down payment options. We’ll work with you to find a product that suits your mortgage needs.

Closing Costs and Prepaid Items:

What are closing costs?

Closing costs are those expenses for services necessary to complete your loan request.  They can include appraisal cost, title insurance fees, credit report fees, and employment verification fees, to name a few.  It is important to note that closing costs are not part of your down payment.

What are prepaid items?

Different from closing costs that may be unique from bank to bank, repaid Items can include interest that may be due before your first payment, recording fees, and the initial deposit into your tax escrow account (if applicable).