As a Trust Officer for WoodTrust Asset Management, you will manage and administer assigned relationships and accounts where the company acts in the capacity of guardian, personal representative, trustee or agent. 

The duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General Relationship Management
    • Proactively manage client relationships
    • Coordinate client service initiatives with other WoodTrust departments
    • Maintain client communication through personal meetings and calls
    • Manage assigned account relationships to include: proper valuation of assets, administrative/compliance account reviews, maintain liquidity to meet daily cash needs, tax planning, court reporting, distributions, fee determination, tax reporting and payments
    • Secure and coordinate investment of client’s assets with assigned Portfolio Manager
    • Collect, remit or reinvest income as directed
    • Review documents and assist with estate planning for potential and current clients
    • Coordinate with legal and tax advisors to optimize legal and tax-related client objectives
    • Prepare and effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, board committees, clients, customers, and the general public
    • Address unique assets such as real estate, non-program assets and closely-held corporations within company policies and state laws
    • Maintain ongoing professional education
    • Engage in new business development
    • Develop and retain relevant relationships within the community and with WoodTrust personnel to enhance new business opportunities
    • Follow accepted procedures for account terminations
    • Prepare for monthly Internal Review Committee meetings by reviewing all required accounts for compliance issues
  • Trusts
    • Ensure trust is administered according to document, company policies and state law
    • Distribute and/or reinvest trust income as required
    • Manage and/or distribute trust principal as required
    • Ensure all requisite tax returns are prepared by a professional tax preparer and timely filed
    • Meet with grantor and/or beneficiaries to monitor changing needs and manage the relationship
    • Attend required court appearances as required
    • Confer and act with co-fiduciaries within departmental policies and procedures and applicable state laws
  • Guardianship:
    • Conduct all duties as guardian of property for minors or incompetents in accordance with rules and directions of the Court, appropriate government agencies, company procedures and policies and applicable laws
  • Estate Settlement:
    • Probate wills within applicable state law
    • Identify, collect, secure and appraise assets and file an inventory on a timely basis with the Court
    • Notify heirs of their interest in an estate
    • File federal and state fiduciary income tax returns on a timely basis and pay all taxes
    • When applicable, work with attorney and/or accountant to complete and file Federal and/or Wisconsin/state Estate Tax Returns
    • Identify, prove and satisfy all estate liabilities
    • Prepare and submit final accountings
    • Ensure remaining assets are distributed according to terms of the will and/or state law and Court order
    • Verify discharge of Personal Representative status by the courts


  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university and two to four years of related experience and/or training or equivalent combination of education and experience. 
  • Master’s Degree and Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA) designation is preferred. 
  • Must enjoy people and be willing and eager to interact pleasantly with customers and fellow associates alike. 
  • Highly capable of both written and verbal communication. 
  • The position requires knowledge and experience in broad range of financial, estate planning, trust administration, investment, and insurance products and services. 
  • Possess ability to read, analyze, and interpret business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, governmental regulations and a variety of legal documents.
  • Produce written reports and business correspondence.
  • Prepare and effectively present information and respond to questions from clients, customers, and the general public.
  • Competent in ability to comprehend and calculate financial data.
  • Proficient at problem solving/resolution. 
  • Able to interpret, and act on, a variety of instructions whether they are written or verbal.
  • Willingness to be involved in community organizations and the pursuit of continuing education opportunities.
  • Must understand the team concept and be able to function as a member of a team working towards a common goal.
  • Observe the strictest secrecy and confidentiality on the subject of accounts and activities of any kind of dealing with the bank and maintain a high level of enthusiasm and customer awareness while conveying our confidence in the bank and the services that are offered.

This is a full-time position.  WoodTrust Bank offers a full benefit package including a 401(k) matching program, and a bank-wide annual bonus sharing program.

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Applications may be submitted by email to or in person at one of our branch locations in Wisconsin Rapids, Plover or Wausau, Wisconsin.

WoodTrust is an Equal Opportunity Employer.